We Earn Swayam is a purely an Advertisement platform. Anyone or any company can do their companies or business marketing on our App and get connected direct to the viewers. Anyone can brand their products.

Users / Viewers

Any user of our App can view the advertisements on our app given by the sellers. Viewer of an advertise firstly tick on the advertise then countdown will start of (10 to 30 sec). Once the countdown completes Likebutton will appear, you have to click on the button. Per click user will get 0.50paisa. In a day user can see unlimited ads and earn the money which will deposited to their wallet. User can redeem the amount to their bank account.

Terms & Conditions for the User

  • To become a User - take a membership of app for 6 months or 1 year.
  • Membership charges - 6 months = 799/- & 1 year = 1499/- (All Inclusive)
  • User can transfer the whole amount to the bank any point of time, even daily also.
  • Redemption request has to be made by user by clicking on redeem button then only the amount will get transfer.
  • Redemption amount will be transfer after deduction of Govt. fees& Bank Fees (As applicable).
  • TDS will directly credited to users account once our company pays the TDS
  • If anyone as a user who doesn’t have any bank account and have earn money on our app can keep their money in wallet till they want but they need to open the account to transfer the amount in bank.


Any individual / company can sell or advertise their products / services on our App. They can brand their products too. We Earn Swayam can show it to our users for which they are getting paid. However, we cannot give any surety to seller for getting business. This App is for Small scale business so that they get easy users.

Terms & Conditions for the Seller

  • Sellers advertisements will get visible on our App for 30 days.
  • Seller have to pay us as per their requirement of area specific adv & customer specific (if seller wants to show his adv in specific area like in South Mumbai he can select the pin code of that area with selection of users too like one user should see his adv once only or the same use can see his adv repeat also.).
  • Seller have to pay 1/- for 1 user for his adv. If seller pay us 1000/- he will get 1000 viewers. Excluding GST


  Any individual who buy any product from our App is our buyer. We cannot assure our sellers product / services from our side. Individual is matured who take his own decision. We are not responsible for anything as we will provide you the direct details of the seller to buyer.

Terms & Conditions for the Buyers

  • Once the product / services taken by the buyer, he cannot ask for refund or complain about the product to the App.

Important Notice:

  • Every redemption will be given after deduction of Govt fees& Bank fees.
  • Govt advertisements& our company Earn Swayam Pvt Ltd advertisements will be for free of cost, user will no get paid for that Advertisements.
  • Aadhar card & PAN card has to be given by user to earn money as without verification of individuals identification we cannot pay them
  • This App is secured in all ways.

Thank You For Reading The Details