About Us

Earn Swayam Pvt Ltd has been directly involved in the service industry through direct service providing to our valuable clients. Earn Swayam empowers small and medium-sized businesses to reach millions of customers with a number of programmers' that help boost their revenue, reach and productivity. By telling stories from a wide range of perspectives, we tell the larger story of who Earn Swayam (ES) is and how ES's core business practices contribute to a better India.

If you're a seller, buyer or user, you love to build and be part of high performance teams who are passionate about operational excellence—you’ll love it here. From day one at Earn Swayam, you'll take ownership of the App that have a direct impact on our customers. You'll love being an ESian!

Better visibility: Online marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO) enable your business to be more easily found on the channels your customers are using most.

How we make you visible : We the ESians, will give you immense exposure to the market with very less amount for very loner period whether you are a Seller or a User as User will also get the chance to Earn being a ESian.

We Earn Swayam is a purely an Advertisement platform. Anyone or any company can give their companies or business information via Imagies, videos or description to our App and do marketing direct to the viewers. Anyone can brand their products.